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Farmer's Series

Farmer’s Series, featuring fresh farm-to-table cuisine, here at Gather Chicago.

Farmer’s Series

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May - September


Bringing you closer to the people and places behind the food you eat. We believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the source of their food and its journey from seed to harvest to table.


Our annual Farmer’s Series is an attempt to promote the products and effort of locals farms and ranchers by raising awareness of the long-standing connection between family farms and their historic stewardship of natural resources.


During this season long celebration of all things local, sustainable and delicious, Chef Ken Carter and his culinary team will be preparing a singular daily feature inspired from the best seasonal ingredients received from the farm that day.


And once a month, we will be offering a one night only à la carte menu inspired and created solely by the freshest ingredients of the featured farm.


It you are interested in trying as many of the dishes as possible to experience the flavors and freshness of the featured farm, in addition to the à la carte options, Chef Ken will prepare six-course whimsical menu ($50) for your enjoyment!