Dinner Menu

house made ricotta, clover honey, balsamic, toasted baguette
toasted pistachio, parmagiano, miso vinaigrette, bonito flake
prince edward island, white wine, garlic, cannellini bean, kale, grilled country bread
hummus, radish crudité, olive, sesame tuile, parsley
harissa, saffron, aioli, mint, toasted sesame
smoked tomato aïoli, irish bacon, picholine olive, grilled frisee
egg, cucumber, caper, house made brioche
house made charcuterie & cheese, honeycomb, roasted almonds, seasonal jam, apple mustard and pickled vegetables with toasted baguette
fava bean, fava pesto, fingerling potato, brandade
seared breast, southern fried leg, king trumpet mushroom, creamy polenta
roasted and pureed beet, spatzle, guanciale, candied orange, brown butter crumble
grilled broccoli, vegetable slaw, celery root purée
roasted tomato, basil, pine nut, creamy manchego
white cheddar, house smoked bacon, caramelized onions, roasted pepper aioli, brioche, house fries
spiced caramel glaze, vanilla ice cream
chocolate and hazelnut cream, raspberry sauce, fresh mint, candied hazelnut
citrus cake, bruleed pomelo, toasted macadamia nut, toasted coconut, pomelo sauce, coconut ice cream